Hurricane Szn

Its only September and I have heard the phrase “prepare for the worse, but hope for the best” entirely too much this season from on-air reporters. Its every Floridian’s favorite season, Hurricane season.

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Top 10 VMA Performances

MTV has always been an iconic station to see the hottest new videos from the industry’s most prominent voices. With the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) approaching this Sunday, I thought it’d be a good idea to look back at the most iconic and memorable performances from this musical extravaganza.

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Spice it up!

This one is for the guys! Here’s three simple ways in which you can take a basic outfit and turn it into something with some zest!

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And we back!

Here are my back-to-school looks for the first week of sophomore year! (Let’s see how long it’ll be before I start wearing sweatpants and t-shirts on the regular.)

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This summer has offered me a lot of time for personal reflection and re-evaluation of the path I’ve set/am setting for myself. So, as this summer comes to an end, I’ve come up with a new mantra to lead me the rest of the way, “Wake Pray Slay.”

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