Hey Millennials,

I am so thrilled to introduce to some and present to others today’s creator to be spotlighted.

INTRODUCING: Lamont Baldwin!

Lamont Baldwin is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, “…home of the legends.” Lamont is a fellow HBCU supporter and honors graduate of Norfolk State University where he received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mass Communications. However, his experience in the industry didn’t begin there. Prior to his bachelor’s and master’s studies, he was the host of a national TV show. That is where his thirst and excitement for the creative industry began.

Lamont is currently the host of a groundbreaking podcast entitled “Hella Single” which was released in the Summer of 2018. The podcast is a dialogue of his struggles and triumphs of being single. The show incorporates candid conversations and celebrity interviews into an hour-long show. Although we know Lamont as the accomplished podcast host and personable on-camera talent, Lamont, by trade, is an even more accomplished videographer and video producer.

“To whom much is given, much is required.” (luke 12:48)

Lamont is inspired and motivated by the hard work and expectation of his family and friends. “…it would be a slap in their face not to be great.” He’s also motivated by the people that he is privileged to work with. In our interview, he recollected how he uses to watch Terry Torrington of Slay TV’s “No Shade” and now he had the opportunity to work with them and them be his peers. He’s inspired and motivated by black queer content. He believes that his niche and purpose is to put black queer content on a broader platform. Creating content that is inclusive and progressive is his motivation.

As a 5-10 year goal, Lamont plans to grow the audience of his “Hella Single” platform. He wants to platform to grow so much that he’s planning to throw events in relation to the podcast. Of course, beginning in New York and then branching out to other major cities in the U.S. He also plans for his music directing to get even more attention and acclaim. He’s been directing video content since 2013 and wants to continue its exponential growth.

In a previous blog post, I wrote a letter to my younger self. So, I posed that same question to Lamont, what advice would he give to a younger Lamont? “…the biggest thing you’ll have to overcome is your concern of other’s opinions of you. You’ve always known that you were special…unique…an exceptional talent…knowing that doesn’t mean you’re arrogant.” He continues, “stay patient, stay focused, do the work.”

Want to hear more from Lamont Baldwin?

Follow him here:

Instagram: @lamontbaldwin

Twitter:  @hellasinglepod

YouTube: Lamont Baldwin

Apple Podcast: Hella Single Podcast

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy


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