Jordan Peele’s US

Hey Millennials!

Jordan Peele has done it again! Not only does he consistently create blockbuster hits, but he also continues to produce movies with iconic black leads.

So, why is his new horror film iconic? Well first, because it is the first horror movie that I willingly decided to watch. Yes I saw ‘Get Out’ but I was forced. Anyway, me and my three best friends (like we do it all the time we gon’ do it again, HEY; catch the reference?), stepped out to see what all the fuss was about. Not only was I incredibly amazed at the creativity, the twists, the turns, but I was thoroughly engaged, uggh his mind! What also made this movie enjoyable was the hysterical laughter and side commentary that filled the theatre.

Ok, enough about my experience.

The movie was incredible. Its the first of its kind to feature an all-black family in the leading roles! I’m not going to fill your head with all the conspiracies around the movie. Although, they are very interesting. What I took from the movie was that your inner you will always win. Don’t try to hide who you are on the inside because it’ll kill you (lol in this case, literally) to be yourself.

If you haven’t seen it, run to the theatre NOW!

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

P.s.- If you want a review about the chilling thriller click here!


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