Hey Millennials,

A lot of bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers have been doing a challenge where they write a letter to their younger self. Yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. As my 21st birthday steadily approaches, I’ve been looking back on my past experiences and wondering how could it have been different. I’m definitely a firm believer in everything that happens has a purpose and that purpose is further defined by God. However, if given the opportunity there are some notes I’d like to give myself.

Dear Young B,

First of all, chill the freakout. You’ll be fine. Stop worrying so much about the future. I know that you are (or we are?) a perfectionist, but you can’t rush time and you can’t help what is out of your control. Trust me (or yourself?), you’ll be fine. Live in the moment. Yes, there will be times where you doubt yourself, your purpose, and your existence. The answer is YES. You are doing everything necessary to get to the places you are dreaming of. Continue to let music, writing, and performing be your outlet. It’s going to take you places that you never imagined! Don’t let ANYONE determine your worth or attempt to dim your light. You are unique, you are beautiful, and you are one of a kind.


Ya Boy Benjie Coy

P.s.- Stop eating so much fast food and drinking so much coffee.

The letter to my younger self, I am also using as a letter to my future self. I’m challenging you to contemplate what you’d teach or warn your younger self to do or not do. Let me know what you’d say!

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

Do I still look the same?


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