Let me just start by saying that I was a Chloe and Halle stan before Beyonce’ picked those girls up and transformed them into the superstars that they are today. I literally feel like I’ve grown up with them, mostly because we’re the same age. But, I’m so happy for them and how they’ve flourished. So, for those of you who don’t know, Chloe and Halle are singers with BEAUTIFUL voices. With a mix of soul (Chloe) and jazz (Halle), this sister-duo KILLS everything they sing. They started as YouTube sensations. After consistently posting their videos, they were discovered by the Queen herself, Beyonce’. Queen Bey added them to her Parkwood Entertainment team and has nourished them into budding superstars. On March 23, 2018 they released their first major album, The Kids Are Alright, and its EHH-VERYTHING I ever expected.

There’s only been one other artist that grabs me in as soon as I hear the first song of the album, Beyonce’. As soon as I heard the beginning of the album, “Hello Friend (intro)” I was hooked. If you haven’t already, take the time to sit and admire the artistry within this body of work. Please STOP what you’re doing and listen. Its delectable. Its also rather important to mention that their personal style is out of this world crazy. I love that they didn’t let the industry taint their image by making them cut their dreadlocks. They’re just the epitome of black girl magic. Super excited to see where their future takes them!

Check out their album here!

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

One thought on “THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT

  1. This dynamic duo is all around tens, okay? I too, have been a fan. Their artistry is breathtakingly refreshing. I can see why the QUEEN herself had to snatch them up real quick. Keep on doing the thing, ooouuu!


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