Alright fellow college students, the most dreaded time of the year has surfaced; FINALS. The end of any semester is always hardest as we’re stopping by our professor’s office to get that last boost in our grade and the cramming sessions and all-nighters begin. Here are a few study tips that have helped me maintain my solid GPA:


I’m pretty sure you already know the glories of Quizlet or quizLIT. But honestly, quizlet has so many other features that people sleep on. If you aren’t aware, Quizlet is an online assistant that helps you study for literally EHH-VERYTHING. I would definitely recommend this if you’re in a language class or if you have to learn a lot of vocabulary for your final. The flashcards, a writing feature, and tests help cater to every need imaginable. On the site you input all the information you want to learn and it generates a study plan with engaging flashcards and games. Its one of those softwares that you’re learning from but you’re also having fun. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

CLICK HERE to sign-up for an account and get to studying!


Now, this tip is really specific and not for everyone but its definitely something that helps my creative side live its truth while still being focused. I take a highlighter pack of about 5 colors (yellow, pink, orange, blue, and green) and make sure each color highlights/serves a certain purpose. If you’re one to annotate, try this step. For example, when you highlight something in yellow it could signify the vocabulary and pink could be important dates to remember. It’s your prerogative on what you want the highlights to mean. Now, I’m not saying go through highlighting every word. But, just bring out the most important information. This tip can also be applied if you’re one to use a planner (READ about my other school TIPs). Use those same highlighters to bring attention to official dates and and exam dates.


This is one of my favorite study habits that I’ve recently picked up. After learning all the information that you’ll be tested on, call someone up or sit one of your friends down and teach to them. Reciting the information out loud can help your memory process because its also testing that you’ve comprehended the information. Like I said, I’ve started doing this (my Mom is usually the one who I’m reteaching – shoutout to you Mom) and I have seen a pretty cool increase in my test scores. So, learn that information and get your lesson plans together!

Most of all remember to do your best! I wish you the best of luck on your finals! Make sure you get a good night’s rest and remember to eat well. Work hard but study harder!

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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