AK Brown & Diamond Hudson

What’s up y’all?

These next ladies are a powerhouse duo/best friend goals from St. Louis, Missouri who are working hard to change the pace and dynamic of the blog industry and they’re doing it one step at a time. Here’s my interview with Ak Brown and Diamond Hudson of werejustbloggers.com.

What do you all do?

“We’re nicheless influencers”

When did you start your platform? Why?

“I started back in 2013 as a fashion blog. I had just come back home after having my daughter and with switching majors I wanted to find another way to get into the fashion industry. After 2 years and my best friend joining the team, we realized that the fashion industry is highly over saturated and we wanted to try something we knew no one would have, so we became one of the only purposely branded nicheless blogs on the market.”

Who or what inspires you?

“Our girl tribe in St. Louis inspires us. We’re associated and are friends with a variety of women who are true go-getters. We’re apart of a group who truly supports, uplifts, and inspires one another.”

What quote do you live by?

“Never apologize to others for their misunderstanding of who you are.”

What’s the soundtrack to your life?

“‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar”

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

“I (AK) envision that I’ll be somewhere out of St. Louis, blogging, running my consulting business and my eye wear line and Diamond will be blogging and running her own nail shop, but more importantly we will be living our lives as unapologetically as we can.”

What would you like potential consumers to know about you?

“We’re just two best friends who use our platform to talk openly and freely about whatever is going on in our lives in the most real, raw, and honest way.”

Facebook: Just Bloggers: No Explanation

Instagram: @werejustbloggers

Twitter: @justbloggers

YouTube: Just Bloggers: No Explanation


From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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