This week’s fall look encompasses a total throwback trend. The famous army fatigue jacket. Remember when basically dressing for war was a fashion trend? The jacket and the combat boots was an iconic combination circa 2013. In this week’s fall look, I revived that old trend with a little modern flare.

However, this jacket isn’t just a regular jacket that you can find at a thrift store. Well, techincally it is, but THIS jacket isn’t. This jacket is very dear to me because it’s actually the original army jacket of my late grandfather. Other than being a beacon of light and inspiration in my life he was also extremely stylsih and i’m almost certain that I get a lot of my fashion urges from him.  So, yes, I wear this jacket for style but I also wear it as an homage to him and it reminds me that he’s always with me.

In this fit, i’ve dressed the army jacket with a long sleeve black long-line tee (H&M), medium washed denim jeans with pleated detailing (Cotton On), and black high-top tennis shoes (Vlado). I also paired my favorite silver tinted sunglasses (ASOS), with gold jewelry (H&M), and a faux leather backpack (Forever 21) to complete it.

Photographer: CapturedByCasso

Style Consultant: Joy Williams

Do y’all remember this trend or am I the only one?

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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