Aijalon Austin

Mid-week check up!

“I aspire to inspire before I expire.”

Aijalon Austin (AJ) lives, breathes, and embodies her favorite quote (above) by Eugene Bell Jr. AJ is a Beauty Vlogger on YouTube who started her platform in the summer of 2016. Her channel’s mission is to help and inspire other young girls that may be experiencing similar cases as herself. Within the next 5-10 years AJ sees herself using her Mass Communications degree to grow her platform and become an even bigger beauty influencer encouraging young girls to be themselves unapologetically.

Like many of us, AJ is inspired by her family and the love they give. She says,

“It is my aspiration to make them proud because they sacrifice so much for me during my lifetime.”

As you follow her platform, AJ wants you to know

“I am a very fun and creative person. I love positive energy at all times, and seeing people win makes me happy.”

Instagram: @its.aijalon

YouTube: SincerelyKeem LoveAj

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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