Chelsie Symone

Hello Millennials!

This will be a busy YET exciting month for This month will feature 11 content creators that you all should definitely know and check out! The first creator of the month is my personal favorite Chelsie Symone of She’s been a huge help and inspiration with my blog, so its only right that I kick this month off with a spotlight on her!

“I’m a quirky, stylish chick who believes in Christ, art, Black Lives, the color pink, leather jackets, love, romantic comedies based in New York, wine with your girlfriends after a long day, and most importantly myself.” – Chelsie

Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Jacksonville, FL., Chelsie is a well-known fashion blogger who works hard to serve looks, life tips, and hair care advice to her monthly readers.

Chelsie began her platform in one of the “lowest, most embarrassing moments of  my [her] life.” It was important to her to move forward and become creative again. From that place birthed her blog! But, what started as a hobby has now turned into her own brand that has opened so many opportunities for her!

Her biggest inspirations are her friends who are achieving the goals she remembers them talking about so many years ago and other successful African American women in the place she wants to be. She says,

“Both I feel relate to me so much; my friends because we are on the same level, wanting to transcend and be our best selves all while dealing with twenty-something issues, like finding balance and letting go of childish things. Young African American moguls, bloggers, editors and fashion forward women inspire me because through them, I see where I want to be and what I need to do to get there.”

Her favorite quote is the famous line by Nike “Just do it.”

“It’s so cheesy, but Nike’s “Just Do It” has been a motto since I’ve started my blog. Take a dive, a risk!”

The soundtrack to her life is “20 something” by SZA. In 5-10 years she hopes to be living in Seattle, WA. or somewhere in California, writing her final draft of her book and living a carefree life! As you follow her, Chelsie wants you to know,

“I’m the perfect combination of Toni and Lynn from Girlfriends! All jokes aside, my style is similar to how I want to live: in perfect balance.”

Instagram: @_seenchelsielately

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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