Blues, Browns, & Bricks

When I think of fall, I think of more than just the changes in a Starbucks menu or the trees turning into different hues of brown. I almost always think of the styling options that come along with the season. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been the “fashion forward” one out of my circle. Literally, since elementary school I was giving legendary fits (pictures to come later). Furthermore, this season comes with a lot of fashion elements that I love to express. More specifically, one fall fashion element that I LOVE is layering with warm colors. Not just in the fall with fall colors, I love layering in general. I’m that person that will layer clothing even if its 80+ degrees outside. However, layering works best in the fall/winter months.

In this look, I did exactly that, I layered. To pull off this fit I started with two fall must haves (check out my post on fall must haves here!), velvet chocolate colored chelsea boots (ASOS) and a structured chestnut brown leather jacket (Forever 21). To contrast with the browns, I wore my favorite pair of royal blue trousers (H&M) and a static blue and white 3-quarter sleeved shirt (Target). As an added piece, I wore a mix of gold and silver jewelry from various locations and blue socks with purple polka dots (TJ Maxx).

Photographer: @capturedbycasso

Style Consultant: Joy Williams 

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

10 thoughts on “Blues, Browns, & Bricks

  1. Yess, layering season is here for a minute. You’re by fair the first person that I actually know, who is able to pull off the Chelsea boot. I live! Thank you for another awesome read!

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