Fall Must Haves

Happy Fall Millennials!

Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing, and its time to revamp our closet and get it ready for fall! Here is a book of four fall trends that every closet should have:


Plaid, more specifically flannels, have been a fall staple for quite sometime now. This fall, they’re just as important as they have been in previous years. This print and thick material makes for a quick and warm outfit selection. Put it together with some jeans and boots and you have the easiest and most stylish outfit of the season.

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Thanks to Joanne the Scammer, vintage fur coats made a sudden comeback last fall and their continuing their reign this Fall/Winter season. These coats are for when you want to be both warm and extravagant. Going on a night on the town or just feel like being a celebrity? Pull out your fur (preferably faux fur) and get into it.

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Structured coats have always been one of my favorite trends through the years. Especially after seeing Tom Ford’s NYFW ’17 show featuring several tailored and structure garments, i’m excited to delve into my own collection of structured coats and jackets. (read my post on NYFW here!)

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This shoe style from the ’70s makes another comeback this year. Except this time its in varying colors. I’m really liking the Chelsea Boots that are in the pastel palette. These shoes are a great asset to any fall outfit to be both comfortable and warm!

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Unfortunately, because I live in the southern-ish part of Florida, it’ll be a while before I can fully get into the season and its festive wear. But, i’m still excited to take part.

What are your favorite Fall 2017 Trends?

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

Check out my pinterest board to gather some inspiration for your fall palette!






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