New Artist Alert!

I’ve come across some pretty cool jams from an up and coming artist and i’m so excited to share her with you!

Introducing, Bleu!

Bléu, is a new alternative R&B singer and she’s releasing her first project on August 24, 2017 called Codeine Dreams.

Before we get into the dissection of her upcoming release here’s a bit about her. A native of Fresno, California, Bléu gained her background in singing from performing with her church choir. From there, singing grew from just being a hobby into being a passion. Her vocal influences are Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan. In a recent interview on her youtube channel, she expressed that although, she’s an introvert, through her writings and expressions in her music she transforms into an extrovert. She believes that music/singing is a mood changer and enhancer and also serves as a way to have fun and grow. (Whoa, can we be best friends?!) From listening to her newest project, I can tell that like any other artist, she really put her heart and soul into making it reflect her.

Furthermore, Codeine Dreams is definitely an album I would throw on while I’m chilling at home or at the beach relaxing. Its very calming and poetic. Her voice is very soft and mellow which really compliments the backing track of which she’s singing over.

Bléu is credited for being transparent and singing songs with raw emotion which are reflective of past experiences. So, its no shock that Codeine Dreams is inspired by a recent surgery Bléu endured. The songs draw inspiration from her feelings, dreams, and actions during her medicated phases.

I’m super excited for her to debut this album, from getting a sneak peak, I’m lowkey a stan!

The album opens up with an acoustical ballad ‘Pill #4’ showcasing the beauty and effortlessness in her voice. Then goes into her single, ‘Lunch Break.’ It then continues to take its listeners on her journey, an interesting one. The album is really good about being consistent. There’s no song that is better than the other, they’re all equally intriguing and amazing. My favorite song from the album that’ll be on replay is ‘Just Wanted You’ ft. L. The Boogieman. The beat coupled with the vocals just sends me bop vibes!

Overall, I give this project a 9/10. Follow her on soundcloud below to become a stan too! You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @calibleubird to get more information about how you can purchase, stream, or download the album once its released!

There’s potential here y’all.

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

Here’s her single ‘Lunch Break,’ take a listen!


One thought on “New Artist Alert!

  1. Yaaasss, come through with it!!!! I love her voice – very melodic. The crescendos, decrendos, and runs are effortless. You go Bleu! Thanks for introducing her to us Benjie!

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