Apps Every College Student Should Have

This list of apps will literally make your life so much easier while you’re away from home!

  • Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram

Most students already have this family of social media platforms, but these are pretty important in college. Well, the only legit use as it pertains to college is making it easier to find the “move,” the “lituation,” the party. Party promoters often go on media blitz where they advertise for the next big party. So, if you wanna be in the know, invest in these apps.

  • LinkedIn

This app is more for the professional life of college. Its like Facebook but for professional networking purposes. In college, you’re working to secure a steady career upon graduation. I’m sure your college will house numerous career fairs where you can talk with professionals about your varying degree paths. Most professionals use LinkedIn as a professional networking site. Through this site/app business owners can type in specifications and looks at all the candidates in whatever they searched. In college its important to steadily update your resume as frequently as possible. LinkedIn can serve as an online resume. 

  • Uber/Lyft

If you’re a freshman you probably aren’t allowed to bring your car to college your first year. So, you’re going to need to get places because you aren’t going to want to be stuck on campus 24/7. When you’re not able to get that cool upperclassmen to give you a ride have Uber/Lyft on hand so you want miss the lituation. I personally prefer Lyft over Uber because its cheaper in my area. But, have both just in case. If its your first using these apps use these links to sign-up! UBER (bens27028ue) and LYFT (BEN36328)

  • Spotify/Music App

For obvious reasons, this is super crucial. You’re gonna need some music to bop to as your walking/rushing to that 8AM. When if you sign up for a premium membership on a streaming app, be sure to use your university email so you can get that student discount. 😉

  • Mobile Banking App

10/10 would definitely recommend. I don’t really like carrying cash because it’s a lot to deal with at once especially with a wallet with no place to put coins. Have a debit/credit card and an accompanying mobile banking app with your bank is super helpful. You can check your balance etc. and its just really simple and helpful.

  • Square Cash

This is a new app that allows you to send money with ease to people despite having a different bank. When you send/receive money it deposits into your account immediately! Its really helpful for those days when organizations are selling stuff on the quad/courtyard and you don’t have any cash. Use my code to DOWNLOAD

  • Netflix/Hulu

INVEST. If your dorm isn’t lucky enough to have cable, these TV streaming apps/sites are an awesome substitute.

Did I miss anything?

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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