The Talk

Recently, the company Procter & Gamble or P&G who is responsible for a lot of our household items (febreeze, tide, bounty, etc.) released an ad campaign with intentions to start a dialogue on racial biases that the African-American community face everyday. Take a look:

If you didn’t get it from the video, “the talk” is something parents in the African-American community have to have with their kids as they grow up in a world that can be harsh on them for reasons they may not understand at the time.

This video sparked A LOT of controversy. The controversy and negative feedback mostly comes from those in which the issues/events depicted don’t apply to. Its bittersweet that they’ve (P&G) begun this dialogue. Bitter, because its literally 2017 and it’s mind-boggling that those Jim Crow like attitudes still exist. But sweet, because it’s a conversation worth having now to bring about change. I appreciate that such a popular company decided to join the frontlines of this battle the community has been fighting for a while.

One thing that I really like and appreciate about the ad campaign is that it time travels. If you notice, the time periods change as evident by the styling and video effects. It shows that these issues are still fresh and have BEEN happening.

I personally have experienced just about everything that this video encompasses. Especially, the last frame. The mother sees the need/importance to have the “WHEN you get pulled over” talk versus the “IF you get pulled over” talk. When I first started driving my family sat me down and explained what to/what not to do in the event I was ever pulled over by the police. Of course, I didn’t take it as serious as it should’ve been until I got pulled over for a bogus “tint” violation, which was no violation at all. It was more of a “driving while black” violation. As ignorant as the stop was, it was a lesson learned that reshaped my view for those in blue.

Shoutout to P&G for their efforts!

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

One thought on “The Talk

  1. Anything that puts people in the hotseat who need to be in the hot seat, is fine by me. That kind of controversy is always good. Somebody somewhere who was supposed to get the message got it. And if it was just one person, it can still count as progress. Good post!

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