Grades Come First! (College Freshman)

One of the most important aspects of college is, ACADEMICS. However, its also the least talked about when people are going off to or get anxious about college. As a freshmen, one of the daunting tasks you have is to experience as much as you can (parties, networking, etc.) while also striving for a perfect GPA as a solid foundation. Again, here are my tips and tricks that helped me make the best of freshmen year while still maintaining stellar grades.

  • GET AN AGENDA – One of the most crucial (MAJOR KEY ALERT) keys to success in college is being organized. One way to get organized is keeping up with an Agenda/Planner. I suggest purchasing a planner that has a month at-a-glance feature and weekly planner option. Here, you can keep up with due dates, study groups, organization meetings etc. If you don’t want to use a physical planner, be sure to make use of the calendar on your phone. I suggest you use both. When you write it down in your planner you’re most likely to remember and if you happen to forget, your phone can send you a reminder. Also, make deadlines for yourself. If an assignment is due on Friday, write it down as it being due on Wednesday so you’re always on time.
  • STUDY IN MODERATION – This tip is something that I suggest to avoid the several all-nighters that I had to do to study for exams. When you have an exam coming up, try to start studying for it a week ahead of time for at least 2-hours a day. So that way, on the night before the exam you’re reviewing and not relearning. This will be a challenge when professors unknowingly schedule exams on the same day. But, hey, it’s college.
  • BLACKBOARD – Currently, the internet and technology is a huge source for college students and professors. PLEASE make it a habit to check blackboard or whatever online web your school uses for upcoming assignments, due dates, syllabi, etc. I advise checking once in the morning and once in the evening. (If you’re an overachiever like me, check it almost every hour.) If you have the option on the website to have the site send updates to your email as they are posted, take advantage of that! Also, if you don’t already, start getting accustomed to checking your email frequently. This is a huge funnel of communication between you, your professors, and your university
  • GOALS – Most important of all, set goals for yourself and for the year. But don’t just set goals, consistently refer to these goals and check them off as you accomplish them. This list of goals should be a mix of short and long-term goals. Place the list some place in which you can see them. Maybe put them in the notes section of your planner, on a bulletin board in your room, or as your laptops/phone’s screensaver. When you have something to motivate you, you’re likely to achieve more.

College is going to be fun, I hope you’re as excited as you should be for this new adventure in your life. Just be sure not to get overwhelmed or distracted with the lifestyle.

Comment below with any other tips I may have omitted.

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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