Refurbish with Refurbished

One way I keep my closet growing and diverse is by making a regular visit to my local thrift store. Here are my top 6 tips on how to flourish at the thrift store!

  • GO EARLY – Ever since Macklemore’s song hit the charts, thrift stores saw a huge increase in business. Because, I suggest always thrifting early in the morning. (Early for me is like 10AM-2PM (…its summer break)) After about 2PM the good items have usually been snatched and you’re left with the leftovers. So, set your alarm and get to shopping!
  • ISSA BARGAIN – Check with your local thrift stores for any promotions they have! More stores have weekly sales. It’s the thrift store, so stuff is already super cheap for quality items, so a sale would definitely amplify how successful you are with refurbishing your wardrobe. This tip also ties back in to the previous. If there’s a sale, GO EARLY!
  • WHAT TO WEAR – When shopping at the thrift store its important that you try on your items before you go because its usually final sale. So, I suggest wearing a t-shirt, shorts/leggings. Basically, something that you could wear under the clothes you try on. You don’t know where them clothes been sis, so protect yourself. Also, whatever you buy, BE SURE to wash it before wearing it.
  • SKIM – If you ever been thrift shopping, you know that it’s not as organized as a regular store. Clothes are literally thrown everywhere (no shade) and it looks like a tornado flew around (hey Frank Ocean). So, skimming is a very important skill to master! When looking for shirts, I usually skim until I see a pattern, color, or fabric that I find interesting. This will save you so much time!
  • USE THE ENTIRE STORE – Literally, shop the entire store! Don’t be confined to your gender specific sections. Sometimes, thrift stores mix the clothes or your might find something poppin’ in another section that totally fits you and what you’re looking for. So, look everywhere!
  • DON’T GET DISCOURAGED – This is really important. Some people think that when they go to the thrift store they’ll always find some high-end product, but that’s not always the case. If the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for then try another or go on another day. The store is so random so have expectations but don’t have expectations.

I hope this helps you, thrifting is super fun and relaxing! Make it a day. (you’ll probably need it to find the best items)


From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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