Keeping up with Rob and Chyna

Get ya’ tea cups ready millennials!

Those living in the Instagram world woke up to a few odd pictures and captions on July 5, 2017. Well, that is if you follow the male heir to the Kardashian thrown, Rob Kardashian.

There’s literally so many sub-stories in this family that its almost impossible to keep up with the chaos that led to the disaster that has become entertainment buzz. But, basically, Rob met and fell in love with Blac Chyna, a social media starlette. Between the two of them, they have a baby girl named Dream.

Fast forward to the present, allegedly, Blac Chyna had been cheating on Rob with a number of men. This, obviously, enraged Rob and he took to social media. With intentions to “ruin” Chyna, he posted a series of pictures and screenshots of Chyna being unfaithful and promiscuous. We got pictures, names, receipts (literally); Rob put her on blast.

In response to the outburst by Rob, Chyna was minimal with reactions on all of her social media platforms except snapchat. There, she mocked him and attempted to clear her name. But, with the facts that Rob was presenting, it did her no good. So, after retiring her neon-ombre wig she through on her businesswoman blonde, she then sashayed into her lawyer’s office. 

In a recent interview with ABC News, she basically stated that she’ll be accepting her apology from Rob in dollar signs. A true scammer.

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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