‘4:44’ – The Confession

Remember when I told you that I was a HUGE Beyoncé (Bey) fan? (If you don’t, then here’s your subtle reminder.) I’m not gon’ lie, I had no intentions of listening to Jay-Z’s new album. I honestly didn’t see the hype behind his music (drag me.) However, I did notice and admire that he’s a rap legend, but his music just didn’t do it for me.

BUT ANYWAY, I was scrolling on twitter, and saw that this album was serving up some scorching hot tea on his relationship with Bey. With this new knowledge, I had to hear what was going down in this album. It wasn’t until my ears were exposed to the poetry in the project that I realized why Jay-Z was proclaimed a legend. The innuendos and allusions to different events consistently had me on the edge of my seat. From callouts to Kanye, Future, and even a shoutout to Rev. Al Sharpton’s selfie game, ‘4:44’ is truly ICONIC.

With that being said, from a BeyHive point of view, the album answers SOOOOO many questions that Beyoncé never gave us answers to. In the album, Jay-Z confesses to the cheating, lying, and games he played on Bey in their relationship. It gives us the reason behind the elevator fiasco that sparked public interest. Songs like ‘I care,’ ‘Jealous,’ and basically the whole ‘Lemonade’ album are all Beyoncé’s perspective of the issues they encountered. However, Bey and Jay are notorious for being secretive so I always thought she was singing a narrative of what others had been  through. Although, it IS said that your best art is done when you’re emotionally attached, just didn’t think that was the case here. I’m also anxious to get this timeline (which will probably never happen because they’re so secretive) and see when these events transpired. Because, if those songs in ‘Dangerously in Love’ were about Jay, that’s a LONG time to be knowing you’re being cheated on.

Furthermore, not only did this album give us the tea on Jay and Bey; the album also dropped some knowledge just about life. He tells us to stop holding money to our ears cause it’s a disconnect, he even gives us a lesson on investment. He expresses how he’s bought an art piece that’s grossed more money every year which he plans to give to Blue when she’s older. By then it’ll be worth more than my college tuition times a thousand.

He’s had the same rumors in the past, but the dynamic of this album leads me to believe that this is truly his last album and that he’s retiring. Wouldn’t be a bad time to be honest. With those twins that Bey just popped out, someone’s going to have to stay home while Beyoncé takes over the world. She’s not done yet.

Don’t @ me.

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy

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