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I hope all of you are having an exciting start to your month of July and that you’ve taken a listen to Dxryk’s newest release! Today I’m introducing you to a new blogger/podcast host who is making his way onto the block. Continue reading GEEKEDT



Hello Millennials!

Summer is officially here and its time to get started on making your summer playlists! Of course, i’m here to give you some must-haves for your summer playlists. In addition to “Everything is Love” by Jay-Z and Queen Bey (lookout for post on that soon) and a few selections from Chloe and Halle’s “The Kids are Alright,” you absolutely have to listen to Dxryk’s newest releases from his summer EP, Lessons from the Good Vibe Guru Vol. 1. 

Dxryk is definitely no stranger to Derrick Bynum, was featured in my October Creator’s Spotlight. Since then he released another single entitled “Light,” which is also featured on the album, available on all streaming sites.

Lessons from the Good Vibe Guru Vol. 1. is the first in a series of songs that will continue the theme of self-love, acceptance, and preservation. The project’s inspiration stems from Dxryk’s mission of spreading love and positivity and self-motivational tapes. The entire work is a completely original composition and was written, recorded, and produced all by himself.

Before I started listening to the EP, I had already prepared myself for something that was going to make me feel good while bopping along to some pretty amazing beats coupled with a soothing voice. From his earlier work, I knew the artistry and love that’d feel listening to the project, of course, it was nothing short of amazing! The first song “Lost” grabbed my attention immediately with the catchy beat and the flow to match. With each song came a new and intensified feeling of love, excitement, and positivity energy. Besides “Light,” the final song “Love Yourself” is definitely my favorite from the project and is the one that’ll be on replay ALL summer long!

The project, Lessons from the Good Vibe Guru Vol. 1., is currently available on soundcloud right now and will be available on all other streaming sites soon! Make sure you give it a listen and get some of that positive energy!

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From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy



Happy, happy birthday to me!

So, today marks my 7,300th day on earth also known as my 20th birthday. Looking back on these past 2 decades, I’ve done and been through so much and I’m so thankful and blessed for every experience! In celebration of the 20th chapter, here are some shots from my birthday shoot with @kingkmedia!


In this look, I decided to be really chill but in like a sophisticated manner (lol). I’m wearing a basic white t-shirt (Forever 21), light-washed distressed denim jeans (H&M), blue and white sneakers (Pumas), a blue with white pin striped vest with pink detailing on the back (Thrifted), and as a accent I adorned the vest with a white lapel flower (K&G).

From one millennial to another,

Benjamin Coy


Aaaahhhh, feels so good to be back! What’s up y’all? What’s going on? What’s tea? First, happy EXTRA-belated new year. I hope all of you are sticking to your new year’s resolutions, I hope your skin is poppin’, and that you’ve just been flourishing beautifully!